Birthday Cupcake Ideas

Cupcakes have replaced cakes at weddings, birthday parties and other celebrations for the past couple of years. The trend is not only versatile, but allows portion control to be effectively sorted as well as allowing guests to bring home a cake with them, in a miniature favor box!

There are many benefits to having cupcakes at your birthday party, as opposed to the traditional cake. Cupcakes allow the host to gather a myriad of flavors, colors and textures like no other. Perhaps you couldn't choose between two or three flavors of cake, with cupcakes you no longer have to choose! Aside from having multiple flavors cupcakes allow the guests to eat their portion without the use of excess flatware and cakes, making cupcakes the perfect choice for a children's birthday party.

Each cupcake can be decorated with unique cake toppers to bring together the theme of the party. Cake toppers are available in any kind of decorations that you desire. From metal balls to inedible toys, these toppers can be found at the local bake shop or at the local art store in the cake decorating aisle.

When baking the cupcakes, you can find a recipe that works for birthday cake and incorporate the recipe into cupcakes. When baking the cupcakes, cupcake wrappers are available in a variety of colors and patterns. Colors include gold, silver, white and brown for chocolate cupcakes. Patterns should be avoided when making intricate cupcake designs, as they take away from the theme of the cupcakes.

One of the most important things to remember is to incorporate texture into the icing of the cupcakes. This can be completes by using an icing bag, and experimenting with the different tips which create varying patterns in the icing.

Unique cupcakes can be created using two to three colors of icing, so long as the flavors are the same. Use three parts of non-colored icing to create three different colors in combination with different piping tips to create texture on top of the cupcakes. Consider making dots on the top of the cupcake, and layering color in the shape of a pyramid, using three colors to create the texture required for cupcakes that look good enough to eat!

There are two depths of cupcakes which are commonly created. Cupcakes can be filled to be baked to reach the top of the cup, than topped with a layer of icing. How much icing should you use when decorating birthday cupcakes? Depending on the look that you are trying to achieve, some people use as much icing as there is cupcake! Layers of icing can be used to create layers which lie on top of one another to be topped with a swirl. What kind of garnishing should you use for birthday cupcakes? Dried chocolate wedges, fruit and flakes of fresh coconut are popular for vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. Other garnishing includes sparkling sugar, which will add a sparkle to each cupcake it is applied to. Apply the sparkling sugar while the icing is fresh to ensure that it will adhere to the icing. Voila! You have cupcakes with bling!

Arranging the cupcakes for a birthday party comes with a variety of options. Cupcake trees and stands are available to lay out the cupcakes in layers, and may be topped with a small layer on the very top tier. Other methods of displaying the cupcakes include decorating the cupcakes as you would decorate a cake. This will allow children to choose a cupcake, while having the effect of a cake. Decorating cupcakes this way is best suitable for a children's birthday party.

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