Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas

Making a birthday cake can be as simple as choosing a design, using inspiration like favorite colors, characters and flavors and creating a masterpiece that looks great and tastes even better.

Creating layer cakes give the illusion of a professionally designed cake, without the costly price tag. Using the same cake pan, or variations of the same pan, the cake can be created with up to two to four layers of cake. Circular layers can be used and carved to the likeness of the child's favorite character. Layers of cake can be created from round and square shapes to create a variety of characters and shapes.

What should you use as layers for in between the cake? When deciding which layer to use, take into account the flavor of the cake. Traditionally, birthday cakes are made with chocolate or vanilla flavors. When choosing icing and layers, the choices are endless! You can combine different flavors of toppings, fillings and types of icing.

A visit to the local craft store or flip through your favorite cake magazine can yield ideas that you wouldn't have thought of on your own. Most often, specialised pans are available to create the characters that your children wish for, as well as color coded icing keys, to get the look just right. You would be surprised to see how many ideas can come from a quick trip to the cake decorating aisle. Who knows, it just might bring out your creative side!

Here are a few of our favorite cake ideas:

Hamburger Cake
This cake combines layers to appear as an oversize hamburger. Different colored icing and layers are combined to create the bun, burger and even garnishments like cheese and lettuce. Fondant icing is used to create the appearance of cheese slices and icing is tinted to create the bun, small garnishments are used to create the sesame seeds. With this hamburger cake, guests will be raring to eat dessert first!

Undersea Cake
Never has it been easier to create an undersea adventure. Think goggles, translucent icing, shark fins and brightly colored fish as decals to this layered cake. Bright blue layers can be combined with white cake to make a treat that will be enjoyed, dry just as much as it would wet. Shark fins and goggles can be found at the local cake decorating shop, or even use your own adornments to the cake to make a statement. No one said the decorations have to be edible, just make sure that everyone eating the cake is aware of this fact!

Cave Cake
A cave cake can be created with the use of a mold, allowing a portion of the interior cake to be hollowed. Keep in mind that this piece of cake must be supported, but it will leave the perfect opportunity to have creatures such as bats and rats lurking from the interior of the cake. Luckily, chocolate icing goes well with the bat cave, and it can be created in a snap!

Treasure Chest Cake
To create a cake that looks straight from the pirate chip, purchase loads of fake bling and shiny things to fill up the top of the cake. Dark and milk chocolate icing can be used to create the look of the treasure chest, combined with metallic icing which can be found at any bake shop. The metallic icing can be used to create the hinges and silver and gold edible candies can be used all around the treasure chest, to give it that authentic feel. Using a sheet cake, this cake can be easily prepared and decorated to feed a bundle of hungry party guests.

Tower of Strawberry Shortcake
This tall cake takes on a life of its own and becomes a refreshing addition to any spring and summer birthday party. Using alternate layers of white cake, rich whipping cream and bright seasonal strawberries, the cake can be created to be as tall as you like. Remember, the taller the cake, the higher the impact on the party guests. Subsequent layers can be used to serve multiple guests, for a cake that truly gives you the best bang for your buck.

When decorating a birthday cake, the idea is to bring fun into the equation. Make the cake as surreal as possible with bright colors, crisp flavors and create a delight to the eye as well as the taste buds. Doing so will create cake memories that will last a lifetime, just be sure to get a picture before someone gets a bite!

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