Birthday Party Games for Adults

Games are a staple of every birthday party. They can take a party from bland and boring to exciting and dramatic. Whether you are seeking unique party games, or traditional, these birthday party games for adults are sure to please all the guests, especially the guest of honor.

Eggs Cracking on Foreheads
Depending on how many people are taking part in the party game, use one egg for each person that is involved. All but one of the eggs should be boiled, make sure that the yolk and interior of the eggs are hard, after boiling. The trick to this party game is that one of the eggs is not going to be boiled. To start the game, people can sit or stand around the table, taking an egg from the bowl. The first egg that is touched means the egg must be taken. Next, the egg is cracked against the forehead, hoping that you don't have the raw egg!

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire
With everyone taking part in the game sitting or standing in a circle, this is a game of questions. Beginning with a volunteer, the person directly sitting across from that person asks the person who is "it" a question. The trick is, the person who is "it" must lie about the answer, but make others believe that it is the truth. The objective of the game is to get party-goers to believe your lie, as outrageous as it may be!

Frozen T-shirt Contest
Finally, a contest that gives the wet t-shirt contests a run for its money. This contest is a great way to cool off during those hot summer days and night. Perfect for a party throughout the season, the host of the party can prepare the t-shirts by soaking the shirts in water and than folding the t-shirts as they would if they were being put away. Next, the t-shirts are delivered fresh from the freezer to those taking part in the contest. The quickest person to get the frozen t-shirt on wins the game; chances are they will also win a great way to cool off! The catch is that party-goers can only use their hands and objects that are close by to unfold the frozen t-shirt, first one to get it on wins!

Exotic Dance Competition
Whether the women are judging the men, or the men are judging the women, an exotic dancing contest is a great way to let loose! From favorite songs and ridiculous outfits, this game is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Be sure to put a time limit on the dance and have judges keep score.

Secret Keeper
For those open minded party guests who would like to take part in the game, secrets are written on slips of paper and placed into a bowl, hat or other container. The juicier the secret the better, as no-one knows whose secret is whose, unless you have a weak poker face! The conversations will become interesting as one by one, the secrets are revealed to all the guests of the party. Never has there been a better way to reveal your deep, dark secrets.

Mouth to Mouth
Using only your mouth, members taking part in this game must pass a large jawbreaker or small ball between the partners. This game is sure to bring laughs, but don't laugh too hard - you might lose the ball and lose the game! Remember, you are only allowed to use your mouth, no hands or you become an automatic loser.

Balloon Shaving
This is always a fun one to determine how careful you are when shaving! Using a balloon that has been blown up, each contestant applies shaving cream to the balloon and precedes to the shave the balloon. The last person with a fully inflated balloon wins! This is sure to judge how well you can shave, and will make contestants think twice about it next time.

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