Children's Birthday Party Games

Red Light, Green Light
One player is the traffic director, the director stands at one end of the room, everyone else is lined up at the opposite end of the room at the starting line.

The game starts with the director at the finish line turning away from everyone and says, "green light". Everyone advances towards the director during the "green light" period. When the director says "red light", he turns around to face everyone and everyone is supposed to freeze, if anyone is caught moving, they have to start from the starting line again. The director keeps on changing from "red light" to "green light" to everyone reaches the finish line.

The last person to cross the finish line becomes the new traffic director.

Duck, Duck, Goose
Everyone will sit in a circle facing each other. Once child is selected to be "It".

The "It" will walk around the outside of the circle and lightly tap each player on the head while saying "duck" on each tap. After making a few circles, the "It" will tap a player's head and say "goose". The "goose" will need to get up and tag "It" before he/she can run around the circle and sit in the spot where the "goose" was just sitting. If the "goose" is able to tag "It", the game starts over again without any of the roles changing. If the "goose" is not able to tag "It", then the game starts over with the "goose" becoming the new "It"

Simon Says
One player is selected to be "Simon". The other players can only make the motions when Simon begins the sentence with "Simon says." (e.g. Simon says, "Simon says touch your head," Simon will touch his/her head and the players are expected to touch their heads as well, if they don't they'll be out of the game).

If Simon tells the players to do something without saying, "Simon says", the player's who do what Simon says, will be out of the game. (e.g. Simon says "Touch your toes," Simon will touch his/her toes , the players that touch their toes will be out of the game.) The last player remaining will be the winner.

Hot Potato
The players will sit in a circle. A potato (could also be a ball or bean bag) is passed around while music is playing. When the music stops, the player with the potato is out. This continues until their is one player left. The last player in is the winner.

Musical Chairs
Two rows of charis are setup up back-to-back, with one less chair than number of players.

When the music starts, the players will walk around the chairs. When the music stops, everyone will scramble to sit in a chair. The player that's not sitting in a chair will be out of the game, one chair is removed and the next round begins. This countinues until there is only one player left, who becomes the winner of the game.

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