Outdoor Birthday Party Games

The right games can make any birthday party that much more fun. Of course, when selecting outdoor birthday party games, one should think about the guests, age gap, and the interests of the party-goers. The best games can be adapted for nearly any age group and can be lengthened or shortened depending on the interest and tone of the party. The following are some classic birthday party games that can be played outdoors.

Knee Tag
A great outdoor birthday party game is knee tag. Here, the basic premise of tag is followed: There is someone who runs around trying to tag other people. However, people have to be tagged at the knees. To get a break, one can stand still with their hands on their knees for anywhere from five to ten seconds. However, if tagged, the person has to kneel down with their arm raised up so that people can tag them back into the game. Adults love the chance to return to childhood, and kids will no doubt love this game, too.

Water Balloon Toss/Egg Race
A water balloon toss and egg race are lots of fun no matter the age group. Here, people can work in teams, or the toss can turn into a relay race, too. Be creative. For example, the egg race could involve participants placing spoons in their mouths that the eggs need to be on, or one could say that the water balloon cannot be passed using hands.

Limbo is another fun game to play. Put on some music and ask people to bend beneath a long line. One can use just about anything to make this bar: from the water from a hose to a yard stick to have people bend under the pole or line. One could spice things up by having participants have to sing while doing this.

Darling If You Love Me
Darling If You Love Me is a great game for creative people. Here, everyone has to sit in a circle. One person is deemed “it.” He or she walks around the circle and asks in a funny way, “Darling, if you love me, won’t you please, please, smile?” One could take on a funny foreign accent, do funny actions, or even fart and burp their way through the request. The goal is to get the other person to laugh. The person asking the question cannot touch the other individual, but they can use actions. Similarly, the exact words have the request have to be used. If the other person smiles, it is then their turn to enter the circle and make someone else laugh.

Million Dollar Question
Million Dollar Question is another fun game to play at a birthday party. This is a great one to start the event with. The person leading the game asks everyone to mingle and then make groups of people who share the same favorite ice cream or favorite artist (it’s okay if a group ends up being just one person). The facilitator of the game asks roughly six or seven questions depending on the tone or feel of the party. The final question asks people to group together based on their favorite son. Once together, the group needs to perform a small selection from the tune.

Another great outdoor birthday party game is to play Mafia. This is a great game for older kids, teens, and adults. Here, the facilitator chooses a Mafia, Director, and Nurse. Everyone closes their eyes, and the game facilitator asks him or her who they want to kill and they silently point. Following this, with everyone’s eyes still closed, the Director is asked who they would like to investigate. They point to a person and the game facilitator will silently say yes or no to whether or not the person is right. Finally, the Nurse is asked who he or she would like to save – they can choose anyone in the circle including themselves. Once all of these decisions are made, the group can open their eyes, and the game facilitator will explain if anyone died using a fun story, and people can make accusations about who the Mafia might be.

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