Birthday Party Games for Teens

Entertaining teenagers at a birthday party can be difficult. With activities designed to keep their short attention spans and games that are sure to be a hit, this process can be simple and fun. Use these games when planning a teenage birthday party to amuse, satisfy and laugh throughout the event.

Spin the… truth?
A clever take on spin the bottle, the partygoers sit in a circle. Similar to the popular kissing game, the game begins with one person spinning the bottle. Next, after the bottle has aimed at another partygoer, the person spinning the bottle has the chance to ask that person any question that they want. The catch? That person must answer truthfully, if the circle feels that the question has not been answered truthfully than that person is removed from the circle. Prizes are used within the game as an incentive to tell the truth, and those telling the truth or those that are good liars wind up as the winners. Eventually, it comes down to two people, at this point, the people who have been voted out judge the competition.

Hat Pass
Hat pass is another clever take on a classic game. In this game, a hat is used and is passed from player to player, without using the hands. Any players that are using their hands are voted from the game and eliminate their chances of becoming the winner. All of the players sit in a circle, trying to pass the hat from one to another, without the hat falling from the head. Once that hat falls from the head, the person trying to pass the hat becomes "out".

For a large group of teens, this game can be changed to use teams. In each circle, the hat becomes passed from player to player. Again, the players are not allowed to use their hands to pass the hat and the circle that passes the hat to every player first, finally landing back at the first player, wins the game! A top hat or other type of non ball-cap hat works best for this game.

Story Telling… One Sentence at a Time
For this story, best for the literary crowd that enjoys games like mad-libs, a pen and paper are used to create a story that everyone can contribute to. Creating a circle, or specific order, each person uses the pen to contribute one sentence at a time to the story. At the end of the story there will be a hilarious combination of jokes, story lines and scenarios that are sure to be a hit when read aloud.

Put it on… Take it Off
For a different type of birthday party game, this involves a bag full of clothes. This is a specific type of relay race that uses clothes as the race. There should be two teams, each team in a line of its members. All the clothes should be placed into a bag and handed to the first member of the team. In order to win, each member of the team must put on all of the clothes and than remove the clothes and replace them into the bag, handing them to the next person in line. Once each person has tried on the clothes, than that team has won the clothing relay race. Jewelry, makeup and even accessories can be added to up the challenge. Not only is this a great ice-breaker, but it can be a great opportunity to take photos that are sure to create a stir long after the party is over. Remember, all clothes must be taken off and replaced within the bag before the next player is able to try on the clothes.

Walk Down Memory Lane
When each person enters the birthday party, they are given a slip of paper to write a memory that they have about the birthday girl or boy. The memory can be anything from funny to sad, and once written it is placed in a bowl or hat. At the end of the party, these memories are read to the crowd and the guests are asked to write who they think experienced the memory with the birthday boy or girl. This is a great way for everyone to get to know each other a little better while taking a walk down memory lane. The person with the most right answers wins the game, and a prize.

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