Birthday Gift Basket Ideas

Birthday gift baskets are a great way to combine many small presents into one larger gift, while creating a themed gift that can bring multiple surprises. When choosing birthday gift baskets, focus on the hobbies of the person celebrating the birthday, use their likes and interests to determine the theme and contents of the birthday gift basket. Use these ideas for birthday gifts basket ideas as inspiration.

Chef's Delight Basket
Using some of the person's favorite recipe books and gourmet menu items, create a birthday gift basket that is sure to sizzle. A visit to the local chef store can yield many small gadgets that work with a variety of budgets. The top ideas for items to use for this culinary extravaganza are: recipe books, notebooks for the chef to note their own recipes, gourmet sauces and olive oils, small kitchen gadgets, aprons and even tableware which can be used to serve the creations.

Spa Day for One Basket
Combined with a gift certificate for a day at their favorite spa, this gift is sure to please the person who wishes to pamper herself all day long. Use body lotions and soufflés, bath and other essential oils, handmade soaps and creams with facial and body masks to create that all over glow. These types of gifts are popular for women who just don't get the time to take care of themselves. Some other popular ideas to include in the basket are; a soothing eye mask or a sleep mask and flip flops for when they are finishing up their toes.

Health Nut Basket
The health nut basket is for the fitness savvy person in your life. It can include a pair of their favorite workout pants, perhaps a gift certificate to try a new type of class at the local gym. Toss in a reusable water bottle from the trendiest store and be sure to include some of their favorite workout tunes, or a gift card to download some of their favorite tunes from Itunes. A couple of weighted wrist bands or hand weights complete the ensemble, which is sure to be a pleaser.

Make-Me-Up Basket
For those girls obsessed with all things makeup, this birthday gift basket is sure to get some use. Make-up can be purchased from some of the favorite boutique stores and combined with eye-make up remover, toner and make-up brushes. She is sure to appreciate the effort that goes into this glam basket. Other ideas to include in the make-up birthday gift basket are; gift certificates for a makeover, her favorite fragrance or a bag to store her makeup on the go!

Hot-Wheels Basket
For children, baskets are an idea that allows them to be filled with the delight at the thought of so many presents. Hot wheels are the perfect toy, as they can be purchased at a variety of stores and fall into a variety of budgets. The hot wheels can be placed within the basket, and suddenly, a little boy will be very happy with his newly acquired, instant collection of hot wheels.

The Writer's Basket
The handwritten letter is becoming obsolete, but most of us know someone who still takes the time to write a letter, by hand, and deliver it through the post. For this type of person, a basket filled with stationary, blank cards, thank-you cards and envelopes will supply them for months to come. A visit to the local boutique stationary store can yield elegant, personalized and well-designed stationary, as well as lovely colored and textured pens to write it with.

The Literary Basket
Do you know someone who tears through the bestsellers list like it were no-one's business? Consider a gift basket filled with their favorite thing – Books! As well as a copy of some of their favorites, you can ask for suggestions at the book store, based on the type of books that they enjoy reading. Consider adding a reading lamp, bookmarks and even a cozy blanket to finish the basket.

The Fashionista Basket
The newest trends, accessories and jewelry can be added to this basket to create an experience perfect for a fashionista. Combine this with a gift certificate to her favorite clothing store, or the latest copy of her favorite magazine for a birthday gift basket that will keep her up to date. Alternately, this is the perfect way to deliver an ensemble, from head to toe, shoes to jewelry to your fashionista birthday girl.

The Candy Basket
Do you know someone with a sweet tooth? Why not give them enough candy to last a lifetime? From pieces of their favorite, to pieces of candy that are new and they have not tried before – the candy basket is a tried and true gift. They will be the envy of everyone at the party after displaying the gift!

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