Cheap Birthday Gift Ideas

Do you need to get a birthday gift but are on a budget? Below are some gift ideas that will not cost you a lot of money.

Pack the recipient's favorite chocolate or candy in a nice bag, box or mug.

Put a nice group photo in a frame or create a photo collage.

Dollar Store
Buy a bunch of items from the dollar store and put in in a nice box or bag.

Buy a movie with the recipients favorite actor/actress.

Movie Theater Gift Certificate
Give a gift certificate for the movies.

Get a funny t-shirt.

Service Vouchers
Offer vouchers that are redeemable for services such as cleaning the house, washing the car, free hug(s) anytime...

Buy a book w/ of the recipients favorite author.

Tie a ribbon around a bottle of cheap wine.

Gourmet Food
Get a can or box of gourmet popcorn, cheese or other snack/food.

Savings Bond
A savings bond cost half the face value of the bond. e.g. a $20 savings bond cost $10.

Home Baked Goods
Bake a batch of cookies or brownies and put it in a nice box.

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