Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthday Poem
A birthday poem is a great way to celebrate your love and share your gift of crafting words to convey the thoughts you are feeling. Whether it rhymes, teaches a lesson or only makes sense to the giver and recipient, it will sure to bring memories for years to come.

Birthday Love Letter
A love letter is a classic birthday gift, not given very often. In this age, not enough people write letters therefore this birthday gift will be a welcome surprise. Make sure it's handwritten! You could even put it in a frame to retain the memories forever.

Birthday Scrapbook
A scrapbook is a great way to savor memories from the past while thinking of the new memories that are going to be created in the future. With some paper, glue and decals, the scrapbook can contain small notes, thoughts and memories about the pictures that you have decided to include within the book.

Ten Things I Love About You Birthday Book
As a romantic idea, this birthday book can be created through photo software programs, or even written in a journal. You don't have to stop at ten; you can go to a hundred or even more! This is sure to conjure up good thoughts whenever the book is read.

Birthday Memory Album
As another way to commemorate the celebrating birthday girl or boy, consider gathering up photos from childhood to the present from friends and family members to put into an album which will truly celebrate the life of that person. After all, isn't that what birthdays are for?

Birthday Socks
Do you know how to knit? It is time that you put those knitting skills to good use, creating something special for your loved one celebrating a birthday. From socks to sweaters, all will be appreciated, especially when they realise the quality and the thought that went into this hand made gift.

Birthday Collage
As a great way to combine a myriad of pictures, a birthday collage allows you to look over memories that you have experienced with the person celebrating their birthday. Remember, when making a collage, don't use the original pictures always get copies! After the collage has been finished, frame it to create instant memories.

Birthday Photo Frame
Make a photo frame to celebrate the person that you care about on their birthday. You can enclose a photo of the person with yourself, or a photo that you love of the person.

Alternately, you can venture into the city or country and take pictures of their favorite things to have framed. This work of art will be sure to conjure up memories, year after year.

Birthday Dinner
Birthday dinners are a popular way to show your admiration for the person celebrating a birthday. This birthday should be all about them, their favorite foods, drinks and of course their favorite dessert to end the dinner. Consider inviting guests and having each guest mention something that they love about the person celebrating!

Birthday Art on Canvas
Are you looking for a special way to create a present for someone that you care about? A work of art is a great way to do this! Canvas can be obtained from the local craft store and purchased already stretched and ready to hang. Use your skills to create a piece of art that celebrates the person on their birthday.

Birthday Cake
A cake is a great way to show someone special that you care on their birthday. Using a variety of their favorite flavors, ingredients and design ideas you can create something that will look great on the table, and taste great in the mouth. Be sure to plan ahead to have the cake ready in time, and don't forget the candles.

Birthday T-shirt
Consider using your creative skills and a plain t-shirt to create a masterpiece to be worn on the day of his or her birthday. The t-shirt can be as funny or as silly as you would like and bring laughs and memories throughout the day. Use durable fabric paint to ensure the t-shirt can remain as a memory.

Birthday Card
Homemade birthday cards are often made by children, but when you really try, you can see the intricate results that come from creativity and thought. Use supplies found within the home, the local craft store and ideas from the internet or a craft magazine to create a card that will bring joy and memories throughout the making and giving process. Rather than spending time searching for a card, create one that conveys the message perfectly.

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