1st Birthday Party Ideas

Your childís first birthday is an important milestone for both you and your one-year-old, and a birthday party is a great way to mark the occasion. First birthday parties are generally geared more towards grownups than their small children, but with a little planning, everyone can have a great time.

Here are some things to consider while planning your little oneís first birthday party:

Keep It Short
Plan for your party to be short, and scheduled in between nap times. Your child and his or her similarly aged friend might not be able to handle long periods of social interaction and activity, especially if it interferes with their nap time. A good length is 1 1/2 hours.

Keep It Small
The size of the party really depends on you, but remember that your child will probably do better in a smaller crowd.

Keep It Simple
The key to a successful first birthday party is to keep things simple. Birthday activities for your child and other young partygoers can include watching an adult blow bubbles, playing with toy trains, and storytime. These can also double as the party theme.

For example, you can choose bubbles as your theme. Invitations can feature pictures of bubbles. The cake can be decorated with circles. Guests can be given bubbles to blow during the party or as party favors.

If you choose trains as your theme, your invitations can feature a drawing of a train. Your can top your cake with a train cake topper, and include toy trains in the play area for young guests to play with.

Your childís favorite book can become the theme of his or her birthday party. Illustrations from the book can be used on the invitations, as decorations in the party space, and on the cake. An adult can read from the book during the party as an activity for the kids.

There are many creative ways you can turn a simple idea into a great first birthday party for your child. Above all, donít forget to have fun and enjoy your little one.

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