Birthday Party Favor Ideas

Birthday party favors are essential for the optimal party experience. Favors are a way to integrate the theme of the party and give the guests a parting gift to take away from the celebration.

Personalized birthday favors are growing in popularity, personalized napkins, shot glasses, tote bags and coasters are some of the most popular party favor ideas when it comes to planning an adult birthday party.

As poker increases in popularity, poker chips monogrammed with the name of the person celebrating a birthday and the date of the occasion can be found in a variety of stores, websites and even on internet auction sites. These poker chips can be personalized for weight, color and even design.

Children's birthday favors have traditionally come in the form of bags filled with candy and small toys. Now, many parents are choosing more versatile favors, keeping in theme with the event.

For the earth conscious family and child, reusable water bottles customized with a logo, or even the child's name and date of the event are growing in popularity as birthday party favors. Some parents and party planners are choosing to stuff these water bottles with information about sustainable living, and keeping with the green theme of the party enclosing seeds and other types of green party favors.

To reminisce of the beach with beach themed birthday favors consider handing out bottles filled with sand and fortunes written inside of the bottles. Enclosed with these small gifts can be a beach towel, which the bottle can be wrapped around with ribbon. Beach towels can often be found for a low price, the brighter the better, and are a hit for birthday party favors.

To keep warm during the winter months one serving sizes of gourmet hot chocolate mixes combined with a warm fleece blankets are popular. Especially if having the birthday at a winter themed event, this will give the guests a way to keep warm and a little something to look forward to later.

Food favors are popular and can be customized for any occasion. Cookies and cupcakes in boxes can be customized at a local bakery with the date of the occasion, and even in shapes depicting the theme of the occasion such as a beach ball, poker chip, or even something more intricate like a tree.

Are you planning a party for the girls? Every girl loves signature lip gloss and little pieces of jewelry. These essentials are a hit for birthday party favors, regardless of the age of the girl! From children, to teenagers to grown women, these favors don't lose their popularity.

Are you hosting a destination birthday? For those people having a birthday away from home… like a weekend in Las Vegas, postcards are the way to go! Not only can it provide a souvenir from the trip, it allows the guests to send a quick note home.

When hosting a party for a literary buff, consider handing out copies of their favorite book. This also works well at a children's party, as children can never have enough books! This way, everyone can have a memory from the party, and a memory of the person experiencing the birthday.

When choosing party favors, choose something that will speak to the people attending the party. The party favor should be useful, but also say something about the theme of the party, or the person having the birthday. Anything can be used as favors, affixing tags with the information like the date and event can make it a favor, ready to be enjoyed by the guests. Ensure that everyone has a chance to see theirs by placing it on their place setting, or having a favor table set up as guests are ready to leave the event.

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