Birthday Invitation Ideas

There are many types of birthday invitations. In a way, the birthday invitation is one of the most important parts of the party planning process as it gives guests the first glimpse into the theme and type of the party.

Basic Info
What information should a birthday invitation include? For starters, the party invitation should include the date and time of the party, the location of the party and any information that can be helpful for finding the location. When planning a themed birthday party that requires costume or specific attire, this information should be included in the invitation. Lastly, the invitation should include the information for the guest to RSVP to the birthday party.

How should you word the birthday invitation? The wording of the birthday party invitation should follow the theme and style of the birthday party. Be sure to use keywords that describe the theme of the party like; top secret mission, fiesta, luau or even spa-day. These words can be used on the front of the invitation.

The Internet
Using the internet to find custom invitations is a great idea to cut costs. Not only can you have unique birthday party invitations for every theme, but these invitations often cost less than $1.00 per invite. At most invitation websites, the wording can be changed and graphics and colors as well as styles are interchangeable for each invitation. Before placing the order, check and recheck the information before signing off on the order to ensure it is correct.

Should you make your own party invitations? Making your own party invitations can create a keepsake that can be combined with pictures and other mementos of the party to create a scrapbook to display the memories. As well, when you make your own invitations, the wording, layout and design can be customized. Use the internet and crafting magazines, even a visit to the local stationary store to get ideas for DIY information.

As an alternative to DIY birthday invitations, you can purchase invitations from the local stationary store, toy store and even discount stores! Invitations are available in a variety of wordings, formats and themes. Be sure to choose an invitation that will give a positive first impression of the event you are planning.

When planning a children's party, it is important to have an adult print the invitations. Although the child can hand out the invitations, the parents should be contacted to confirm that they have received the invitation.

Customized Store-Bought Invitations
Contrary to popular belief, there are many things that can be done to customize store-bought invitations;

  • Adding on decals, glitter and stickers that are within the theme of the birthday is something that even children can help with.
  • Using a matching envelope allows the theme to be carried throughout the stationary.
  • Consider pasting store bought invitations on to cardstock in coordinating colors. This allows you to maintain the format of the invitation while custom designing the front of the invite.
Electronic Invites
Everyone is using the internet, is it okay to send e-invites? Birthday party invites are a card that has been traditionally delivered in person, but e-vites are a great way to cut down on paper use and the costs associated with traditional invitations. There are a variety of options when choosing e-vites, they can be downloaded from templates as well as created through the use of word processing and photo editing software.

When sending the e-vite, it is important to attach the file to the email as enclosing the e-vite within the body could cause the e-vite to lose the formatting that it has received through the creation process. Be sure to use "Sarah's Birthday Invitation" for the subject of the email, so the recipient is aware of the enclosure. Write a short note in the body of the email, explaining the e-vite is attached.

E-vites are growing in popularity, as it allows the host to send multiple invitations at one time, and receive responses and RSVP's through email, one of the quickest ways to communicate. Email is a great way to communicate if you are planning a surprise party, without allowing the guest of honor to find out!

Social Media
Many social media websites allow event lists to be completed, as well as "yes" or "no" replies for guests that are supposed to the event. The host is able to upload a description of the party, as well as any pictures and even links to maps to help guests find the party. This is a great way to convey information to a group of people, using accessible channels like social media! Get started planning and create an event page for your next birthday party!

Regardless of the type of invitation that you choose to send, it should convey all of the information for the event, as well as the theme of the party.

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