How to Plan a Suprise Birthday Party

A surprise birthday party is a great way to celebrate someone's birthday. Below are some key steps in planning the party.

Set a date
Pick a date where the birthday boy/girl will have no conflicts. While it's ideal to select the actual date on that person's birthday, throwing it a few days earlier will add an extra element of suprise.

Make a guest list and send out the invitations to them. Make sure that it is clear that it's a suprise and set the start time of the party 30 minutes prior to the expected arrival of the birthday boy/girl.

Decorate the party area with balloons, streamers and a birthday banner. Buy some chips, soda, snacks, and other food/beverages.

Appoint an assitant to divert the birthday boy/girl with another activity until the time of the party where the assitant will bring the birthday boy/girl to the location of the party.

Turn off the lights and/or hide, when the birthday boy/girl walks in, turn on the lights and have everyone jump out and yell, "Suprise, Happy Birthday!."

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