Romantic Birthday Gift Ideas

Give the Gift of a Star Dedication
One of the most romantic gifts that you can give, a star dedication comes with an inscription and software that allows the recipient to view their star whenever they would like. Recipients are also given the exact coordinates so astrology buff's can try and seek out the star in the solar system. This could provide an excellent opportunity for a follow-up date night.

Your Picture… On Canvas
Pictures can be transferred to canvas for a great price. You can upload a photo to any photo website and the photo can be transferred to canvas. This provides the opportunity to create your own personalized art that can be displayed in your home. A variety of sizes are available from small to large, for your photo masterpiece.

A Mixed CD of Songs That Describe Your Relationship
The song that makes you think of her, perhaps a song that was playing on your first date and other milestones within your relationship make up this CD of songs to make your partner nostalgic.

A Reenactment of Your First Date
This idea allows the couple to reenact everything that they did together on the first date. From the restaurant that they went to, or renting the movie that they saw together. The key is in the details, so take all of your memories into account when creating this romantic rendezvous.

Give Her the Gift of a Trilogy Ring
A trilogy ring identifies the love that you have shared in the past, the love within the present and the love that you vow to feel in the future. This ring is often symbolized by three stones and available in a variety of price ranges. While giving the gift, explain the meaning of the ring – making the moment even more symbolic.

A Weekend Away
A weekend away is a great way to rekindle the romance and celebrate an intimate birthday together. The celebration can consists of romantic dinners together, breakfast in bed and of course the romantic time of giving the birthday girl or boy their gift! This weekend is sure to be something special, as a moment shared between the two of you.

The Story of Your Love
Consider crafting a story of your love, your time together and all about your relationship. Before you know it, time passes; therefore celebrating your love by writing down all of these memories in the form of a birthday gift is a great way to celebrate the special occasion.

The Traditional Locket
Jewelry is sure to be a hit for the woman in your life. With a perfect spot for a picture of each of you, close to her heart – this gift offers the symbolic love and is available in a variety of price ranges. Consider something special, such as an engraving on the back of the locket of words that mean something special between the two of you. Using a quote, or an inscription makes the gift just that much more special.

Layers of His or Her Favorite Fragrance
From aftershave or lotion to the actual fragrance, many women and men feel that layering the fragrance preserves the scent – allowing the gift recipient to make the most of his or her signature scent. Fragrances are not always something we buy for ourselves, making it a perfect gift of romance.

A Couples Photo Shoot
A couple's photo shoot could be the time to capture images that will be unique, full of memories and used to celebrate the special day. It allows the couple to have time together, posing, sharing secret smiles in the photos while capturing memories that will be shared for years to come. To cut costs, consider hiring an amateur photography developing their portfolio to capture images of the two of you at your favorite places.

Some of Your Favorite Photos, Framed
After the couple's photo shoot, consider having a couple of the images framed as a birthday gift for your partner. These memories can be displayed in your home for years to come! Framing can be done yourself, which will offset the costs from hiring a photographer to capture these precious moments of the two of you together.

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