Ideas for a Romantic Birthday

Below are some romantic ideas to celebrate that special someone's birthday.

Homemade Dinner
Cook a meal (If can't cook, just order take-out) and set the mood with candles, music and champagne. For dessert, serve up something sweet, like chocolate cake or chocolate covered strawberries.

Dinner at a Nice Restaurant
Make a reservation for two at an elegant restaurant.

Romantic Getaway
Plan a trip for out of town just for the two of you.

Drive-in Movie
Go see a romantic movie at a drive-in theatre.

Photo Album/Scrapbook
Put together some photos of the two of you and go through it together.

Couples Massage/Spa
Get a couples massage or go to a spa.

Romantic Walk
Plan a romantic walk along the beach, in the park, or to some meaningful place. Leave your phone at home or turn it off.

Plan a fancy picnic with nice plates, silverware, cloth napkins, and glassware (for the champagne).

Breakfast in Bed
Suprise him/her with breakfast in bed.

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