Birthday Party Themes for Adults

Adult theme parties are growing in popularity as it provides an experience for adults to enjoy the party to the fullest. There are a variety of options which can be chosen for guests to enjoy. From an old-school Hollywood glamour party to a murder mystery with lifelike props, these parties can be tons of fun!

Black and White Glamour Party
Black and white theme parties become the epitome of glamour as guests are encouraged to dress only in black and white. Not only does this look fantastic in pictures taken in color, and black and white but it allows the guest to find that old fashioned glamour that comes in the classic attire. Remember, those not dressed in the appropriate attire will not be allowed to enter the party!

This is best suited for a formal party that uses elements like signature drinks and small appetizers to create a stylish and fashionable soiree.

A Murder Mystery Birthday Party
Why not put a new twist on an old fashioned party idea? Using realistic props like corn syrup created to liken blood, and an actor acting as the victim this murder mystery scenario is easy to update!

Using these props, each time a guest enters the party they are given a card with their back-story, and of course, one of these cards will detail the murderer! Throughout the night, the guests will try to determine the murderer. At the end of the evening, the guest that determines the murderer wins a prize, although others can be awarded for great portrayal of their part.

If you wish to take this murder mystery to the next level, send out the details for each guest, and the part that they will be playing with the invitations, this way everyone will have time to prepare for their roles and even dress the part.

Night Out on the Town
A night out on the town can be accentuated by trips to different parts of the city for each party of the birthday party. Consider heading to one place for pre-dinner drinks, to another restaurant for dinner, than to another restaurant for dessert and perhaps attending another event somewhere else in the city for the evening's entertainment or activity that everyone will enjoy.

This is a great way for everyone to enjoy the evening while experiencing different parts of the city and restaurants for experience different tastes, flavors and types of food. You can incorporate everyone's favorite activities into the night with ease! Of course, the guest of honor gets to choose the main theme for the evening.

Casino Birthday Party
With the use of poker tables and rented slot machines, this is a great way to celebrate an adult birthday. Tables and dealers can be rented from local event specialists, who can also point you in the right directions for renting slot machines.

As party favors, poker chips with the event name, date and information can be customized and given to guests to be used as key chains and other favors. When sending out the invitation, be sure to mention the casino party or used casino themed information to convey the message.

As an alternative, consider a trip to the local casino or making a competition of who can keep their money, double their money along with a prize for that can lose their money quickest for good measure.

Guys Golf Getaway
This birthday party idea is great for a weekend away with the guys. For a surprise for the person you are planning the party for consider planning the entire vacation and enlisting the use of some of the guys to venture away for the weekend to celebrate a milestone with the guys doing something that he enjoys immensely.

Fiesta Birthday Party
Using an invitation that will set the theme for this spicy soiree, make sure that guests are aware of the Mexican themed birthday party. Serve slushy drinks, tequila shots and traditional Mexican food for a party that is sure to delight.

Many Mexican bands are available, and can be used to greet guests as they enter the party. Be sure to audition the bands before the party begins to get a feel for the music that they are going to play.

Catering from a popular Mexican restaurant or a family member that has a flare for Mexican cuisine can complete the birthday party and make the evening a success.

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