Birthday Decoration Ideas

Something as special as a birthday celebration comes only once a year and deserves a theme, décor or motif to celebrate the occasion. Regardless of who you are planning the party for, these decorations can be used to create a theme that will bring fond memories for years to come.

When planning a birthday party, the first thing that should be planned is the theme. Are you planning a party for an adult, teenager or child? Depending on the age group of the attendees of the party different themes can be implemented.

Undersea Theme
For an undersea themed party, some unique birthday decoration ideas include; using fish centerpieces to give the children something to take home at the end of the day. As an alternative to fish, for older children, hermit crabs in glass bowls are used as centerpieces. These pets are easy to care for, and provide an adventurous centerpiece sure to keep the child's attention. Using blue and green materials to drape the main room of the party can create unique decorations that truly provide an under the sea experience.

Poker Theme
A popular adult themed birthday, the poker party, can also have abundant decorations. From party tables covered with green felt, to the rental of slot machines, a casino feel can be made in as little as a day. For those on a budget, consider a cake shaped as a deck of cards, or, stringing cards along twine to create poker party themed decorations that can be strung from the ceiling. Decks of cards can be obtained for a low price and used in all aspects of the decorations. From using the cards for place cards, or using ribbon to create a napkin holder, playing cards can be used to bring together the birthday decorations at a poker party.

Many parents feel that their child should feel like royalty on the day of their birthday. Consider using low cost tiaras, crowns and wands to exude the feeling throughout the decorations. In the front of the room, an extravagant chair can be decorated to give the feeling of a throne. When the child enters the room, they can be greeted by actors playing the part of a court jester, or by crowing the child. To decorate the tables, consider purchasing inexpensive jewels to be scattered around the table. The idea of kings and queens can also tie well into the medieval theme, which can use swords, crests and capes.

Monochromatic Parties
Monochromatic parties have been popularized by Hollywood glamour. Using one color throughout the decorations can create a theme for the party. Using the same color table linens, cake, streamers, centerpieces and even tableware can be a signature way to celebrate the favorite color of the birthday boy, or girl and create a memorable event.

The traditional luau can become revitalized with the right birthday party decoration ideas. Consider skewers of pineapple and other traditional fruits, or piles of pineapples in the centers of tables to create a focal point. Taking the idea from grass skirts, consider using skirting for the tables that are serving food that are made to look like grass. Keeping the colors natural and bright can mean a big difference for this party. Tiki masks and candles can be used to create the ambiance of an evening by the beach.

Are you planning a party for a loved one with a sweet tooth? From the focal point of a candy buffet of every color, to centerpieces of bowls overflowing with their favorite candies, it can literally be found everywhere! Consider handing out small baskets for party-goers to collect the candy. Use the colors from the candy to create a focal point from the middle of the ceiling, for a table for the guest of honor. Use streamers to surround the table of the person celebrating their birthday, this is sure to become a popular table.

For a beach themed party, sand and gravel can be used to create a small beach portion. Consider placing brightly colored beach towels throughout the party space, serve slush drinks from a bar which also becomes the focal point and offer up appetizers such as ice cream before the main course. Bright lights can be used to mimic the sun. This party idea is great for the winter, to brighten up those winter days until the summer months return. Using picnic baskets, bright dishes and kiddy pools filled with water and beach balls can create an indoor experience that rivals the real thing!

Birthday party decorations don't need to be expensive. You can find many of one items at low cost at dollar stores and other discount stores or even on the internet. This one item can carry the event them and be used throughout the birthday party in the centerpieces, giveaways and even through the decorations that are placed throughout the room. Decorating for a successful birthday party includes lots of creativity, research and careful planning. In the end, it will be a birthday party filled with decorations that people will remember for years to come.

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