Kids Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Choosing a theme for a children's birthday party can be an exciting decision. There are literally thousands of options available with costumes, decorations and activities that solidify the theme of the party. Are you searching for the perfect theme party for your kid's birthday party? Here are some ideas that you might find helpful.

Batman Themed Birthday
To create this batman themed birthday a myriad of ideas can be used. First, to create the invitations, use a cutout to make the bat symbol. On the bat symbol, the information for the party can be written. Using the signature colors of black, blue and yellow balloons, centerpieces and plates can be used to make the party room truly feel like the bat cave.

Don't forget about the cake! Whether in the shape of the bat symbol or in the shape of the bat mobile it is sure to turn heads with the kids. Consider implementing cartoons into the decorations, using blown up images from comic books and popular movies. Consider a visit to your local memorabilia store to obtain a large cutout of batman, to be seen when children enter the room.

Consider creating a party room that appears as the bat cave, using technology and brightly colored buttons to intrigue the children. Having a guest dressed as batman can yield a great response from the children at the party.

Dog Themed Party
For children in love with all things puppy and dogs consider this "dog day party" complete from visits from the local breeder with puppies of all sorts of breed which the children can play and interact with.

For decoration, use dog themed plates, cutlery and decorations. For games, consider using dog bone shaped numbers, hidden throughout the room which correlates with a specific prize. Take serving to the next level by using inexpensive dog bowls to serve cake and ice cream throughout the party, this is sure to bring a laugh!

Invitations for the dog theme party can be created with the use of rubber stamps in the shape of paws, or an invitation that has a bite from the corner. Larger paw prints can be made from pieces of various colored poster board and placed throughout the room, on the floor, walls and even on the tables.

Karate Kid Theme Party
With a surprise visit from a karate instructor and perhaps a demonstration from experienced karate participants, children are sure to get a kick out the idea. The demonstrations may involve traditional breaking wood with the use of one hand, or even a demonstration with swords.

Using karate outfits as the children walk into the door, while serving traditional snacks, this party could thrive at a gym!

Use traditional gym mats for children to learn the activities. Call around to your local karate studios to rent the space for a party. All you will have to include is food, party favors, birthday cake and the children.

Spy Party
Every child dreams of being a secret spy, and the intrigue that comes along with it. Why not translate this wish into a successful birthday party? Use top secret clues to deliver the invitation, depending on the age of the child allow the children to determine the address or location of the party.

To allow intrigue to the entrance of the party, encourage children to be fingerprinted, or to look into a specialized scanning device to ensure that they have been approved for entry. Starting the party on this high note can lead to excitement throughout the event.

With the use of a digital camera, a security badge for each child can be created with the use of free computer software found on the internet and a photo printer. This security badge can double as a party favor, as the host can offer frames at the end of the party to commemorate the occasion.

To create spy centerpieces, consider cutting large question marks and hanging them from the ceiling, to fall just over the center of each table.

What kind of games should you play at the spy party? Consider sending the children on a mission, which will be finished with a prize available to all children that have participated.

Pulling it All Together
Using these ideas, you should be able to create a party that encourages children as well as stimulating their mind. After all, parties without themes can be difficult to maintain, as the child loses interest easy.

Please note that invitations should be sent out at least two weeks in advance, as moms have busy schedules! Remember, the invitations are the first glimpse into the party and should demonstrate the theme of the party adequately. Therefore, use invitations that are within the theme of the party to create excitement and intrigue for the birthday party.

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