Teen Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Planning a theme birthday party for teens can be a way to keep their attention throughout the duration of the party. When planning a teen-themed birthday party be sure to use sophisticated ideas, interesting games and multiple games and activities to maintain the attention span!

Martini Madness
Virgin martinis that is! Who said signature drinks need to contain alcohol? Some of the best drinks can be created using virgin-versions of the most popular martinis that come with fantastic flavorings and garnishes. This is sure to make the teens feel sophisticated and will encourage teens to dress the part.

Use invitations shaped as martini glasses or as sleek invitation only passes, causing the guests to feel elite. Consider renting a stylish banquet hall, or even off-hours or days of a nightclub or restaurant where the service of a bartender can be used. To cut costs, use candlelight, stylish appetizers and have the party at home. Enlist the use of older teens or adults as the mixologist and serve drinks over ice for a greater effect.

Create menus of all martinis available. This can be easily created using word processing software and laminated to be used time and time again!

Consider taking into account the help of a local band, or cover band which can be obtained for a fraction of the price of other forms of entertainment. Plan this concert, complete with tickets enclosed in the invitations and refreshments served.

Be sure to speak with the teen you are planning the party for to interview a variety of bands that will keep the attention of friends and family members. Concert halls or other areas can be rented for parties that are going to be large. This way, the music and entertainment will keep the teens occupied, throughout the night!

Using this party idea, you can invite up to a hundred guests for a low price! Serve soda and other low cost refreshments to cut costs on this concert extravaganza.

Arabian Nights
From belly dancing to luxurious fabrics covering the walls and floors laden with pillows, this party theme is a hit every single time. Consider enlisting the entertainment to offer belly-dancing lessons to teens. This theme works best with a group of girls wanting to learn something different. This is a great idea for a sweet sixteen girl's party!

This party is another great idea for a girls night in. Spa services can be obtained from a variety of salons, for a fraction of the price that it would cost to visit. Hair can be styled, make-up can be completed and pedicures and manicures can be arranged for all of the guests.

Use spa themed favors like nail files and facial masks for later when the girls are getting ready to go to sleep. What girl doesn't like to get pampered while receiving hair and make-up tips from a professional stylist?

Outdoor Bonfire Party
An outdoor bonfire party is a great way to celebrate a birthday in the summer while giving teens the chance to roast marshmallows, hot dogs and perhaps have a camp out.

Be sure that there is an adult present to put out the fire at the end of the night and to ensure that parents aren't concerned about a lack of supervision.

Traditional ghost stories can be given a mature twist using scary movies as inspiration and storytellers that don't hold back!

As an alternative to the bonfire, an outdoor party can be themed as a drive in by renting a projection screen and allowing the children to enjoy the hot summer night with a movie on the lawn!

Lap of Luxury Party
Is there a special event coming to town that you know your theme would be excited about? Consider hiring a limo driver to take your teen, as well as a few special friends to dinner, the event and than on a ride around the town!

Use sparkling cider and champagne flutes in the limo to add to the touch of glamour and tell guests to dress their best to prepare for the VIP treatment. Make reservations for dinner, reserve the limo and let the guests make the rest of the night an experience to remember.

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